2013 Volkswagen Golf to Compete for World Car of the Year

If you are a car lover, you probably love to look at the many “car of the year” and “best of” lists so that you can get an idea of the cars that are being recognized for their design, technology, safety and performance. Because car lovers love lists, most auto shows, auto organizations and auto publications will have a “best of” awards list. And the point is? Because to see your product on a list that is receiving an accolade is fun and exciting, especially if your product is on the more prestigious list of awards.One of the most prestigious accolades is the “World Car of the Year,” which is an award that comes not from just one publication, entity or publication, but from many journalists worldwide. The World Car of the Year “best of” lists is considered the granddaddy of the all and for a car to even be nominated for this honor is a lot to brag about. In comes the 2013 VW Golf and its listing as a finalist to receive the World Car of the Year award. The list below will show you a few of the reasons why the VW Golf just might take this award, which will be announced on the 28th of March at New York’s International Auto Show.2013 VW GolfYou must first consider that the 2013 VW Golf is the seventh generation in a line of family cars, which comes some 36 years after the first Golf was shown. It also comes after nearly 30 million VW Golf’s were sold, which has made it one of the most popular with the VW fans. Other than the innovative design, eco friendliness and a lot of safety features, the following list will show you even more.1 – Design:Without a doubt, this seventh generation VW Golf looks quite different from the ones before, but the distinctive design still lets people who see it on the road exclaim with the utmost confidence, “There goes a Volkswagen.” The job VW has done to define their design is incredible and the Golf has not been an exception even though it does have somewhat of an edge on its predecessors. Even while most of the original design elements are showcased because they are part of what made Golf a success, this new VW Golf also comes with both C-pillars and a longer roof line.2 – Efficient:The weight of the new 2013 Golf when compared to the ones before is about 220 lbs. or 100 kg less, because of the manufacturing materials that are more efficient, which also allow the 2013 Golf to be even more fuel efficient. The engine was also revamped to be even more efficient and comes with the stop/start fuel saving technology. There is a regenerative braking system, which adds more fuel saving features because it allows you to drive Golf in an eco-mode. All these things and more make the 2013 Golf even more efficient than the ones before.3 – Safety:No VW including the Golf comes without a whole slew of safety features, but it is the distinctive design that is the main aspect of this car that defines this automaker. It should be no surprise to any VW fan that the new 2013 Golf comes with some amazing safety features. First, you have the Multi Collision Braking system that applies the brakes in case of an accident so that other accidents can be prevented. Then there is the Adaptive Cruise Control, which really is not a new feature, but has been brought to the Golf from higher class models. Then there is the Proactive Occupant Protection feature that if a potential accident is detected, the vehicle is braced for impact. Then you have the Lane Change Assist, the Fatigue Detection and Progressive Steering as still other safety features on the 2013 VW Golf.After reading this, do you think the 2013 VW Golf will be chosen World Car of the Year? Everyone will find out in New York on March 28th just what the world’s most prestigious journalists have to say.


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